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New Product Alert - Trac Mats

HD Flooring is excited to announce a new product we have available - trac mats. Easy to handle and with reversible tread options, trac mats are designed to protect ground underneath. Only weighing 35kgs and with 6 handles per mat, trac mats can easily be dragged into place by a single person.

Light-weight, easy to move, man-handable and dual tread

Weighing only 35kgs per mat, trac mats can be dragged into place easily by a single person. Each mat features six handles and has dual / reversible tread. The bold tread on one side provides ideal grip for the mat in poor ground conditions. The lower-profile pedestrian tread provides ideal vehicle grip as well as being easier to walk on for pedestrians.

Use it varying terrain while protecting ground underneath

Designed to protect ground underneath, trac mats enable vehicle traffic over various surfaces including mud, grass and sand. 

Suitable for construction, heavy haulage and cranes

Trac mats have a range of uses including for construction, heavy haulage and cranes, utilities and facilities maintenance, ground maintenance and event installation. 

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