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Protect the ground and access areas on difficult surfaces using the I-Trac portable modular inter-locking roadway system.

Incredible strength-to-weight ratio that protects grass underneath. I-Trac is the only heavy-duty temporary option made of polypropylene and can support 200 tonne per sqr metre.

Use it on difficult terrain while protecting ground underneath

I-Trac enables vehicle traffic over inhospitable or unsafe ground. It creates a temporary roadway over most terrain including dirt, sand and grass, allowing for vehicles such as trucks and diggers and extreme static loadings. 

Used on grass for stage bases, mosh pits, temporary parking areas and even helipads, I-Trac leaves the turf in excellent condition underneath. While other products on the market contain aluminium, I-Trac is made of polypropylene, protecting the grass from immediate burning. The white colour deflects heat while allowing light through to the grass, resulting in healthier turf.

Easy to install, 100% portable modular inter-locking system

I-Trac is quick and easy to install and extract. No special tools are needed and a single man can lay up to 100m2 in an hour. The composite interlocking roadway system is secured by an inbuilt connection device. Each panel has 8 attachment points that enable the user to bolt on accessories where needed. Due to the light weight structure, the cubic area of a truck or container will be filled well before any weight limits are met.

Suitable for the entertainment and construction industries

Completely portable, I-Trac protects the ground on construction sites and can be used as a crane platform or drilling platform. It is also used for large-scale events, stadiums and recreational parks. I-Trac creates a continuous surface capable of dealing with all road going vehicles and extreme static loadings.

Product Specs

  • 680 SQR M available
  • Panel Size: 1.2m x .92m x .055m (L x W x H)
  • Panel Area: 0.8 sq m
  • Panel Weight: 15.6kg
  • Load Capacity: 200,000kg / sq m
  • A modular inter-locking temporary roadway system
  • Can be used on various terrains and surfaces including sand, dirt and grass
  • Made of white polypropylene which protects grass underneath
  • Suitable for extreme static loading such as diggers and trucks
  • Can be used as temporary access roadways / temporary parking areas and outdoor promotional events
  • Cost-effective 
  • Inert to most chemicals
  • Offers a good level of electrical insulation
  • The polypropylene material has no cash scrap value, making security less of a concern than aluminium 


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