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Achieve vehicular traction over difficult or uneven surfaces like mud, sand, dirt or gravel and protect concrete and other sensitive surfaces from heavy machinery.


HD Flooring has temporary flooring and accessway solutions suitable for the construction industry.

Access difficult terrain

HD Flooring enables vehicle traffic over inhospitable or unsafe ground including dirt, sand and grass, giving vehicular traction. 

Protect ground underneath

Whether you want to protect concrete, paving or grass / turf, HD Flooing will protect surfaces underneath to minimise any damage from heavy machinery. Our I-Trac product is made of polypropylene, protecting the grass from immediate burning. The white colour deflects heat while allowing light through to the grass, resulting in healthier turf.

Use heavy machinery on it

Suitable for vehicles such as trucks, diggers, cranes and helicopters, HD Flooring can handle heavy machinery. 

Completely portable, continuous surface

Completely portable, HD Flooring can protect the ground on construction sites and can be used as a crane platform or drilling platform. Flooring creates a continuous surface capable of dealing with all road going vehicles and extreme static loadings.

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