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Create walk-ways for pedestrians and protect the ground underneath using our temporary pedestrian flooring solutions.

HD Flooring holds a large quantity of world-leading medium to heavy duty pedestrian flooring products like Terra Plas, Terra Floor and Supa Trac. Ideal if you’re needing to cover large or small areas of grass for your event.

Protect the ground underneath

Protect grass underneath from hordes of people and equipment.  Flooring is ideal for stadiums and arenas wishing to operate a multi-purpose venue by protecting their grass for events such as concerts, exhibitions, dinners, graduations and religious ceremonies. It is also suitable in other venues including public parks, racecourses and stately homes for walkways, show stands and hospitality areas.

Safe, non-slip surfaces

Pedestrain flooring provides a fast, convenient way to create non-slip access at outdoor venues. Great for heavy foot traffic areas and bottle-necks such as bar areas, toilets and entry gate access ways. 

Product Specs

  • A modular inter-locking temporary pedestrian flooring system
  • Can be used on grass
  • Made of white polypropylene which protects turf underneath
  • Can be used as temporary pedestrian access pathways at outdoor promotional events

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