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HD Flooring has a range of solutions for temporary flooring, including aluminium rollaway, I Trac modular flooring and pedestrian flooring.

Aluminium Rollaway

Create an instant access way or roadway for vehicles and equipment using HD Aluminium Rollaway. HD Aluminium Rollaway is designed to support the weight of vehicles and equipment up to 40 m2 tons, on any terrain.

I Trac

Protect the ground and access areas on difficult surfaces using the I-Trac portable modular inter-locking roadway system. Incredible strength-to-weight ratio that protects grass underneath. I-Trac is the only heavy-duty temporary option made of polypropylene and can support 200 tonne per sqr metre.

Pedestrian Flooring

Create walk-ways for pedestrians and protect the ground underneath using our temporary pedestrian flooring solutions. HD Flooring holds a large quantity of world-leading medium to heavy duty pedestrian flooring products like Terra Plas, Terra Floor and Supa Trac. Ideal if you’re needing to cover large or small areas of grass for your event.

Trac Mats

Easy to handle and with reversible tread options, trac mats are designed to protect ground underneath. Only weighing 35kgs and with 6 handles per mat, trac mats can easily be dragged into place by a single person.

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