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Six60 at Eden Park

The cumulation of weeks of preparation has come to a head. This is the almighty Garden of Eden Park.

After countless hours of paper work, phone calls, emails, staff training, labor in the rain, and keto, HD Flooring NZ has protected this pristine pitch perfectly. Come Sunday morning, you’d be able to have a picnic without a blanket in the middle of this patch of grass and not even worry about your food being dirty.

Those razor sharp, deep green blades of cricket cushion are going to bounce right back and be ready for the biggest international T20 Auckland has seen since William Gilbert Grace scored, in consecutive innings, 344 out of 546 for Marylebone Cricket Club versus Kent in august 1878.

This field is going to look so great after load out that, if you’re lucky and in the right place at the right time, you just might catch a glimpse of Adam and Eve wandering in barefoot for their evening stroll.

Ladies and Gentlemen, this is Six60 at Eden Park protected by HD Flooring NZ